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Burner & Boiler Spares Ltd.

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Sensors Set Double NTC 10k (1x

Product Code: 7623837BRO

£18.49 inc VAT

Temperature Sensor Ntc 2 Pcs

Product Code: S101003BRO

£77.84 inc VAT

Temperature Sensor HI

Product Code: S101005BRO

£128.09 inc VAT

Water Pressure Sensor (Quinta

Product Code: S101632BRO

£48.79 inc VAT

Flue Gas Thermostat

Product Code: S103023BRO

£107.50 inc VAT

Flue Gas Thermostat

Product Code: S103023PBRO

£105.04 inc VAT

Temperature Sensor (flow And r

Product Code: S44698BRO

£43.79 inc VAT

Flue gas temp. sensor NTC 12ko

Product Code: S49297BRO

£35.68 inc VAT

Sensor water pressure (option)

Product Code: S55771BRO

£157.76 inc VAT

Sensor air pressure Huba 4030

Product Code: S58602BRO

£434.54 inc VAT

Grommet for flue gas sensor (5

Product Code: S59659BRO

£23.51 inc VAT